Hello February!

Happy February Everyone! Welcome into Day 34 of 366 days. The days are moving quickly. We must carry forward too with the Lord. I hope that your year is coming along well. By God’s grace, we have made it into another precious month. I pray that in this month of February, we will abide in the Lord more and more. We will seek first the Kingdom of God. We will not chase after the things of this world. We eat and be satisfied with the word of God. For as it written “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Yes, the word of Our God endures forever. May we take delight in the presence of God. It is my pray that we will experience the love of God like never before. Love is from God. Without the knowledge and revelation of God’s love for you, it is so easy to view love from a worldly perspective. May God’s grace, love and peace abound with you all. As you seek the face of the Father, He will surely show Himself to you. May God’s hands rest upon you all. May your light shine. May you represent God wherever you go. May you bear fruit as you remain in the Vine. May you taste and be filled with the living water. May your mouth be filled with continuous praise to the King of Kings 💃🏿

*Take the time to pray for others. Reach out to your loved ones. Be a blessing to others and live in light of God’s love for you every day.

Have a blessed month of February 🕊😊

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