Desiring More Of God

01 Mar
1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV1984) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.:


Happy new month everyone. Time surely flies. We are already in March. I hope your all doing well. So today I’m coming to you guys with something quite different. I would like to say a challenge. You might already be partaking in this alone or with someone. I’m not too sure but here are the rules.

Rules For This Challenge.

  1. Download the Holy Bible App
  2. Look For A Bible Plan
  3. Ask A Friend, Family Member, or Co Worker To Participate With You
  4. Begin the plan Asap.
  5. Before you start grab a writing utensil and a notebook.
  6. Prepare Your Heart & Your Mind. Pray. Invite The Holy Spirit Into Your Time With The Lord.
  7. You don’t have to be with your friend or whomever it may be that’s participating.
  8. You have to discuss it together whether that means calling each other or meeting up.
  9. Share your thoughts about what you learned through reading/studying.
  10. Take notes & pray to end your time together.

Bonus*: Spend time in Worship.

My Experience:

I’ve been using thee Bible app for about 4 years now. I still open my physical Bible because I do prefer that but the Bible app has great Bible plans. There’s so much to learn. I started reading/studying the Bible more in 2015/2016. It’s been a blessing. Last month, I invited my sister to partake in this challenge I’m presenting to you all today. I told her to select a plan for us to both read and reflect upon. The Bible plan she selected was called “Finding Your Way Back To God”. I learned so much reading the plan. The only problem I will say is that my sister wasn’t really consistent because I finished the plan but she still two days behind. Don’t get me wrong, I reminded her to read it but I don’t know but her consistency wasn’t quite good. I haven’t closed that plan yet because we need to reflect on it. Besides that, everything else was great. It’s always exciting for me to see people I know growing in the Lord. No matter where the person you choose may be in their walk with Christ, know that they can find their way back. Plant the seed and watch God do his part. Never give up on those you love. Sometimes, they need a push at times, all you can do is pray for them. I hope that as you partake in this challenge, that you will be encouraged & blessed. Feel free to send me a comment, feedback on any questions, prayer requests or how the challenge is going for you. May this new month bring about many of God’s blessings your way.  Until next time, God bless you all 🙂

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