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03 Feb


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What did I learn at the block today?

The speaker opened up by sharing his experiences and gave us three takeaways points that God laid upon his heart.

  1. Experience the journey with others. The speaker briefly talked about how he and his sister went to wedding cake rock in Australia. It’s a bit of a journey to get to this place. He went with all his friends and his sisters. Literally 5 minutes away from being there, his sister started complaining and turned around. She was whining about how much she has to walk just to get to one place. She started heading back to the car they all drove in and 5 minutes later the rest of them were at the place and everyone who came besides his sister got to experience it. She missed out on the experience. When they got back to their car, she was on her phone playing candy crush while they were talking about the experience. When we do the journey with others, let us experience it. You never know what God can be doing at that very moment with you and those around us. Try new things. Do it not because you want to put a check on your checklist.
  2. Experience vision with others. The good thing about vision is that it gives us a sense of where we are going. He shared with us Proverbs 29:21
  3. Experience helps to open doors for others. It’s not so much about your resume or the things that you have done but through that experience that you had it can ignite something. The experience that we get to give to people is endless. If we are not afraid to give people what they want, like we will be able see so much more in our church, our communities and etc.

Here are a few pictures from today:

For more info check out Hillsong’s website:

Until next time, be encouraged and stay blessed 🙂


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