How’s Your Relationship With God?

10 Jan

So for many of us, as the year begins we say that we want to know God more. January flies by and by time we know it we are in November close to December. We want to have a better relationship with him but at the end of year, we look back and realize that those were just empty words without any effort. See it’s not about just going to church on Sunday’s. Yes it’s  good to have fellowship with your brother and sister in Christ but wanting to know God is more than just two hours in church. We so much time doing unnecessary thing. So here are some questions as believers we should ask ourselves so often.

1. Have I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior?

2. Am I studying the Word and if not what is keeping me from doing so? 

3. Do I spend more time on social media and if so its that becoming a distraction in spending time with God?

4. What can I do to have a better relationship with Christ?

5. Am I going astray from the Lord and how can I return to my Maker?

6. How are your circle of friends? Do they encourage you to grow? Do they pray for you and do you pray for them too? 


Father I come before you today bringing everyone who reads this blog today or even someday into your hands. I thank you Lord for waking me up this morning, for calling me your own. I thank you for your children. Father as the year has begun, I thank you for the plans that you hold for our lives. We ask Lord that you open our hearts and draw us nearer to you. Help us to study your word and please give us understanding as we do so. Help us to increase in our walk with you. Help us not to conform to the patterns of this world but may we be a living example of who you were and who you are. It’s not easy with so many distractions coming our way but help us to devote time with you. We ask and believe in hearts as we take time that you will reveal more deeper than our hearts can ever imagine as you have promised us in Jeremiah 33:3. Thank you Lord for hearing this of our prayer. Amen.


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