16 May


Good morning ☺️. So thankful to see this day. Word for you:: Note 2 Self. –> Let Go & Let God. Oh yes we tend to hear this all the time. It’s so much easier said than done. There are people in our lives that we need to let go of but we hold on tight like a rope so afraid of loss & time invested in these relationships. We tend to be afraid of what the Universe has to offer to us after releasing everything. There’s a season & a time for everything. Not everyone in your life is permanent. Some are temporary. God placed them in your life for a specific time & season in your life. When God takes away, know & realize that  he’s the giver & the taker. He knows best for your life. Sometimes when we cling to what we think we need, God places a situation before us to show us we don’t need that person, thing or whatever we are holding on to. We need to cultivate & build our relationship with God. People will fail you. Those you didn’t expect to hurt you, will be the ones who pierce you so hard. Today Pray, Let Go, Trust & allow God to Guide You. PC: Spiritualinspiration. #footprintsofhislove 

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