Be Blessed

05 Jan

Church was so amazing. First Sunday of the year and there’s no place I would have rather been but in the presence of the Lord. The message for church was titled “Blocking the blessing blockers”. The Bible reading was taking from the book of Galatians 3:1-14. My pastor talked about how God’s plan for mankind has always included blessings. Then there was this quote that my pastor shared that was so powerful. It goes like this. “God’s blessings is an invisible and intangible essence placed upon a person that despite any circumstance will cause the material physical world to respond to the blessed individual in a favorable fashion”. This was just amazing. The further discussion was about how curse is the opposite of blessing. Sin reverted the blessing and brought the curse. Blessing is restored. The blessing in the heavenly realm must be pulled down to the earthly realm: Prayer, faith and right thinking is what is required. The prayer of faith is what will heal the sick as it is mentioned in the Bible. There are three levels of blessings as I learned today. Imputed blessing is one of them which is the blessing through redemption, the basis of all blessing. The second blessing is known as the imparted blessing which is blessing by association or pronouncement. The last blessing is known as Blessing by Obedience. This blessing is associated with an act of obedience. Sin is the greatest blocker of blessing. The most potent blessing blocker is willful sin. As my pastor stated today, “You cannot go on willfully sinning and expect blessings to flow. Sin puts limitation on what God can do in our lives. In this time and age, we treat sin as a casualty. May the Lord us to follow his precepts and what we know has been taught as good to bring glory to his kingdom. Lord whatever your doing in this season please don’t do it without me. Don’t do it without me. Lord if your healing, healing in this season please don’t do it without me. Lord if your blessing, blessing in this season please don’t do it without me. Jesus loves you.


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