Humble Beginnings

01 Jan

Happy New Year’s Everyone. I made it to see 2014 and I’m so grateful. I started my New Year’s off by going to church to praise my God. It was an amazing time in the presence of God. Testimonies after testimonies. Worship/Message was powerful. God is great and worthy to be praised. This is my year of Overflow. Great things my God has done and Greater things he is yet to do. So the New Year is here. What are your New Year’s Resolution.? A lot of people don’t like making New Year’s Resolution. Some people think it a cliche and others feel like there is no point in writing down agenda’s to live by on a day to day basis. So they just go with the flow. It is very important to analyze and make some changes in your life. Change is good. New Beginning & a new start. It is good for your soul. Reflection also plays a huge role in the changes you have to make. Being Realistic will help one focus on their Resolutions. I personally make Resolutions but half way through the year, I find myself stumbling and not even remembering these points. For this year though, I want to make changes. Start something new and fresh. So here are my Resolutions.


1) To grow more in Christ

2) To be a happy person

3) Try hard not to stress about matters

4) Be more confident in what I pray for

5) Increase in my intake of water

6) Love myself & not to be so hard on myself

7) Drink at least 5 bottles of water a day

8) Not to fixate my mind on others blessings but to realize that I too am blessed.

9) Be the best that I can be

10) To love people more & be of help in any way that I can.

So what are your dreams, goals & aspirations. SHARE IT.


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