“Beautiful Black Queen”

27 Dec

This Poem right here is Amazing. Had to share it. It’s by “Macquirelomon”

She may not be in Hollywood but she’s still a star. She reaches for
the attainable she doesn’t have to go very far.

Blessed from her head to her toe like she was God’s favorite. Let
her Spring Valley of love flow one taste and you’ll savor it.

She talks with her mouth but she speaks from her heart. She sees
with faith hears through her spirit her soul is light to the dark.

Dresses in humility she keeps wisdom around her neck. Knowledge
hangs from her ears her presence commands respect.

Innocent as a dove her heavenly wings flap love. She walks with
grace she’s adorned in splendor her sight is set on above.

She’s beauty at its best her name rings a joyful sound. Her thoughts
stay high that’s why her feet never touch the ground.

She’s a humble servant of the Lord that’s why she’s often hated. She
made it she’s imitated but can never be duplicated.

Strong minded and determined she’s a focused force. She’s on a
mission to succeed equipped with a powerful voice.

Her mind is never filled with reasoning and she loves her enemy. She
leans on the Lord she has positive mental activity.

Her confidence is not in flesh her speech is unknown to the tongue.
No matter her age in her heart she’s young.

Her eyes rise and they set in them you can see the Sun and she lives a
life that enables many to see the Son.

God sent her into the world to give insight on the UN seen. His
greatest creation was her, the Beautiful Black Queen.

Macquirelatory has love for all women so don’t read my poem and think it’s one sided when it’s actually true sided because the media doesn’t stand for my sisters so I gladly take the stand to speak, teach, and inform society of the truth in which it has covered for years. In the face of adversity my Beautiful Black Queens have continued to rise and surpass life’s undesirable third class to now reclaim their rightful spots which is first class.


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