Grab Your Copy

20 Dec

You are blessed so be a blessing unto others. You might be the only Bible that someone reads. Be careful what your present to the crowd. So again Grab Your Copy. I love this devotion and everything about the author and her other books written. She is  truly blessed and so are you too. In this journey with Jesus, it’s not always easy but this devotion along with your Bible can help you in this steep and treacherous world we live in. I have given this devotion to many people and they were blessed. Who can you give this devotion too? Anyone that you want to give it to, whether a friend, coworker, family or even neighbor. You can purchase this book at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Bookstores, and Costco. It is much cheaper at Costco. You can also buy three in a pack at Barnes & Nobles online. You can also buy the app on your Kindle, Ipod, or Ipad. How will they hear if you don’t tell them? Please don’t keep to yourself. You are the voice that someone is ready to hear. Someone is waiting to be heard. Be the part of someone’s story. Today, rise and be the light to someone.



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