Make A Difference

30 Nov

Make a difference. Be the change in someone else life. This has been heavy on my heart for some time. It was about that time to spill it out. There are many people who are suffering and going through so much. Yes we have our own issues at hand that we can’t even handle, how much more can we be of help to someone else? Carl Jung said it best “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” Too many people wake up and have no one to lean on. They are suffering but no one to confide in because these days people talk much more than to listen. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” -Stephen R. Covey. This quote right here is the takeaway truth. Sometimes, people just want to be heard. It eases their pain. So much pain rooted deep inside a person’s heart. Be the difference. No one can be set free from a problem until they can admit they have one. Then again it’s not always an easy task to do so. We must learn to  take time to make time for those who don’t even make time for us because tomorrow is never promised. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our circumstances not realizing that there are far more people going through worse than what we are facing. You are the change. You can make a difference. You can do it. Smile at someone today.  That may be their assurance that everything will be okay in their lives.


  • “The end of your rope is the beginning of God’s doorstep.” -Unknown
  • “Anyone can look at you and see what you look like. Stay around people who can look at you and see what you’re going through.”-Jermaine G.
  • “Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who will love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that nobody knows about.” -Unknown
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